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The affidavit of Nelson Smith of Lawful age taken agreeably to notice proven at Capt Lindsay Colemans Tavern in Amherst County to be read evidence in a certain injunction now depending and undetermined in the county court of Amherst wherein Joseph Dillard is plaintiff & William Bourne & Creed Cleaster adms de bonis non of Th's Clasby Dc'd defendants. This affiant after being duly sworn sayeth Question by Defendant Did you not carry two letters from the plaintiff Dillard to Ths. Clasbey in his life time and do you not believe those two letters which I now present to you the one dated 14th Feby 1820 & the other Dec'r 22nd 1818 to be the hand writing of s'd Dillard & to be the s'd two letters which s'd Dillard gave you to carry to the s'd Clasby Answer. I believe the two letters now shewn me are in the hand writing of Mr. Dillard and are the same I carried to Thomas Clasbey Question by the same. Did you not live with the plff Dillard as an overseer and did not s'd Dillard give you choice of hands between a certain negro named Edmund which s'd Dillard had purchased of Thomas Clasby and another strong able fellow which he owned by the name of Mitchell and did you not consider the fellow Edmund the best hand of the two. Answer. I think Edmund was the best fellow Question by the def't Did you not live with [illegible]