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Harden & Wife vs Bragg } Bill. 1844. April Rules Bill filed & time for answer

 "  May Rules.  Answer filed & Gen'l. Report
 "  June July & Aug: Cont
 "  Sept:  Set for Hg. on Defts. Motion
 "  Sept:  Court.  William & Edward Bragg made parties defts & Abra: Shepherd is appl'd. & their gdn ad litem & ansr. of More defts filed & 

Filed Feb: 26th: 1844 Order for account 1845. Nov: Term: Ordered to be stricken from docket under seven years late 1845 May Term Report of Comr. Shepherd Ret'd and Confirmed & Decree for Sales of Negroes &c. 1846 Jany Court Report of Com'r. of Sale Ret'd. & Confrmd.

 "  Nov: Term Report of Comr. of Sale ret'd. & further decree.  See--Note within

1847 Nov. Term Cont'd. Nov'r. 24th 1846. Received of Wm. Hite Jones forty seven dollars & twelve cents, the amount directed by a decree pronounced in this cause on this day, to be paid into my hands as receiver of the Court. Abra: Shepherd jr. Receiver