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Hardin & wife vs. Bragg. This cause [illegible] on this 24th day of [illegible] 1846 to be further heard upon the [illegible] formerly read in the cause a [illegible] of [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] and [illegible] H Jones and [illegible] [illegible] filed. [illegible] is [appearing?] to the Court that [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] Jones are entitled to a compensation for [hering?] [illegible] negroes as mentioned in this first report in this cause bearing date the 26th Jun. 1846 on motions of [illegible] [illegible] is ordered [illegible] and [illegible] thus said [illegible] be authorized and allowed to retain out of the funds in their hands in full satisfaction of [illegible] rights to [illegible] the sum of $25.80 that sum being five [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] for which said negroes were sold by their; and is further appearing to the Court that the [illegible] Louis Hardin who because the purchases of one of said negroes sold as aforesaid and {executed?] his bond with [illegible] [illegible] as security therefor has failed to pay said bond and has paid Hardin being [illegible] that his paid bond shall be [illegible] by a sum equal or nearly equal to the amt. he is entitled to [illegible] out of the proceeds of the sail of said negroes. On motion of said Louis Hardin it is ordered [illegible] and decree that said Hardin's [illegible] bond be [illegible] by the sum of $163.40/100 with interest thereon from the date of said bond and thus [illegible] [illegible] [Moore?} Jones be and thus are herby [illegible] to endorse said [illegible] on said bond. And it [illegible] that [illegible] [illegible] Bragg is entitled to recover the [illegible] sum of $99.00 in [illegible] to what has already been decreed him and after [illegible] $10. to cover any {provisions?] of the cases of this suit thus may be decreed against him and that said [illegible] [illegible] Bragg has [illegible] in the hands of said [illegible] [Moore?} Jones the sum of $12.92 with that [illegible] on motion of [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] Bragg it is further ordered [illegible] & decreed that Louis Hardin & Rob. [illegible] [illegible] after [illegible] is-