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Hardin & wife vs Bragg Guar &c Notes of agreement between the Counsel of the different parties in the forementioned case submitted to the Master Commissioner for his guidance & observance in adjusting the guardianship accounts. The Commissioner is hereby authorized and directed to charge the Guardian with the sum of two hundred & fifty dollars, at the time of the rendition of his Report. He shall also charge him with three negro slaves, to wit, the woman, originally received from the estate of Pleasant White, a child born since the said woman came to guardians hands, and a girl, some 8, or 10 years of age, & now in possession of the aforesaid Hardin. He will then charge Hardin & wife the sum of twelve dollars & fifty cents. The foregoing terms were this day agreed upon between us & submitted as aforesaid. Given under our hands this 25th day of Feb: 1845. Wm H Jones Counsel & Attorney for Deft Bragg. John S Moore Coun. & Att. for Pltffs