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This Indenture made this 27" day of December 1849 Between Sylvester Jordan of the first part, David W Barton & Philip Williams of the second part, and Oliver M Brown of the third part. Whereas the said Oliver M Brown at the instance of said Sylvester Jordan has become security in 4 obligations for Hiram G Jordan to Margaret Swann for the payment of four hundred Dollars in four equal amount instalments with interest on the whole amount that may be unpaid to be paid annually, and the said Sylvester Jordan desiring to indemnify and save harmless the said O M Brown from any loss or damage on that account. Now This Indenture Witnesseth that the said Sylvester Jordan for and in consideration of the premises and of one Dollar to him in hand paid by the said Daniel W Barton and Philip Williams, Hath granted bargained and sold and by these presents Doth grant bargain and sell unto the said David W Barton and Philip Williams their heirs and assigns, a house and lot on Piccadilly street in Winchester adjoining the lot of Maria Webb and of Patty Doyle, and is the same house in which the said Sylvester Jordan now lives Together with all and singular the appurtenances, upon trust that if the said Hiram G Jordan shall fail to pay to the said Margaret Swann the said several sums of one hundred Dollars with the interest thereon as they severally and respectively become due, that then it shall be the duty of the said David W Barton and Philip Williams, or either of them or the survivor of them at the request of the said Oliver M Brown or his representative after advertising the time and place of sale for three weeks in some newspaper printed in Winchester, to sell the said lot at public sale to the highest bidder for so much cash as will pay the costs of this trust and sale including a commission of 5 per cent and so much of the four hundred dollars as may then be due with the interest thereon, and on a credit corresponding with the time when the remainder of the four hundred Dollars shall become due for so much of the said four hundred Dollars as shall be unpaid, and the balance of the purchase money if any, payable in two annual instalments, and