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The seperate answer of William Crawley administrator of William B. Crawley deceased to a bill of complaint exhibited against his interstate and others in his lifetime and since his death [illegible] against this respondent as his administrator by Barthus J. Crawley. This respondent saving and [illegible] to himself all manner of exceptions for answer to the bill of the complainant or so much as he is a advised it is material for him to answer says. That he admits that his interstate some years since left the commonwealth of Virginia and departed this life beyond the [illegible] of the same. This respondent also states that some time after he was informed of the death of the said William B. Crawley [illegible] a [condition?] by court this respondent in [illegible] to save this [illegible] [illegible] matters of A. [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] his estate in this commonwealth. That [illegible] [illegible] time after the [illegible] of this respondent as administrator a certain [illegible] [illegible] instituted suit upon about which he [illegible] against the [interstate?] of this respondent in his lifetime and [illegible] judgement against him as administrator as aforesaid for the sum of [illegible] which will [illegible] by a [illegible] of the record in said suit herewith first as a part of this manner [illegible]. and [illegible] to [illegible] so [illegible] and taken. This respondent further states that after the filing of the subpoena in this cause the said William B. Crawley departed this life.