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To the Honorable William Leigh Judge of the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the County of Halifax: Humbly complaining sheweth unto your Honor your Orator Barthus J. Crawley: That a certain William B. Crawley is indebted to your orator in the sum of $458.78 with interest thereon from the [blank] day of [blank] which will more fully and at large appear by a statement of said debt herewith filed as part of this bill. That the said William B. Crawley has removed from this Commonwealth, and is not an inhabitant thereof. That he has sundry slaves in this county in the hands of a certain William L. Owen, who hold them as trustee in a deed of trust made by said Wm B. Crawley for the purpose of securing a debt due to a certain [blank]. That the said slaves will be greatly more than sufficient to discharge the debt of the said [blank]. That he has also an interest in the lands and slaves now held by his mother Nancy Crawley as her dower and thirds in the estate of his father Thomas Crawley decd. In tender consideration of the premises and as much as your orator is only relievable in this court sitting as a court of Equity: To the end therefore that the said Wm B. Crawley, Wm L. Owen and Nancy Crawley may be made defendants to this bill and required to answer the allegations herein contained: that the said Wm L. Owen may set forth about property or effects he has in his hands belonging to the said William B. Crawley and how he hold the same, and