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Crawley vs Wm. B. Crawley &c 1844 Aug - set for hearg [hearing] as to [illegible] and Nancy Crawley upon spa [?] A Contd

       Octo. ord of pub Wm B Crawley to Jany next be pub in Lynchrg Republican & contd

1847 Septr Deft Wm B Crawley death [illegible]

        Octo. R - sufa. to revive - Wm Carawley admr of W B Crawley decd.

1850 Feby Set for hearg as to W. B. Crawley admr upon sufa exd

        June 7th (adjnd Term) Order for accounts &c

1851 April 3 contd 1852 June (?? Term) 11th leave to file ansr of Wm B Crawley [illegible] & Genl Rept

    "    June 12 Rule for [illegible] for costs
    "    Octo 5th John D Irvine [illegible] for cost

1853 May 11 Rept recommitted with instructions 1854 May 11 final decree