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Halifax County to wit: This day John J Crawley one of the heirs at [Town?] of William B Crawley deceased personally appeared before me a Justice of the peace for the county aforesaid and made oath that Mary Ann [illegible] and Ann Crawley are material witnesses for the defendant William Crawley in a suit now depending in the Circuit Court of Halifax County in which Barthus J Crawley is a plaintiff and William Crawley Admr of William B Crawley deceased and others are defendants. That the [illegible] the testimony has not heretofore been taken is owing to the fact that it was only discovered a short time since and [illegible] for this court. That the evidence is imaterial on the trial of this cause and that the heirs at [illegible] and the Administrator of William B Crawley cannot [illegible] [illegible] them without the testimony of the above named parties. Given under my hand this the 11th day of June 1852. Jas M Chappell J. P.