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N B Unkle Answer this as soon as it comes to hand to Fayettesville NC and if I should not be theare I will leave word with the [JD Mr __ ?] where to send it to me as I directed in a letter that I wrote Home to Mother Unkle Barthus I don't want to sue you untill I get a plenty of money to pay you. The Tobace that ____ had stayed in Weldon untill it got roton [rotten] then when I receved it I caried it to Charleston and tried for a week to sull but could not get a offer in goods nor money at any price So I had It sold by a Commission Merchant and it brought [illegible] 3/4 to 4 Cents pr lb and If that abt enough to discourage me. I don't know what could do it though still you shunt [shouldn't] loose by me during the time I was thare I was sick for 6 weeks it cost 142 dollars I am knowing good health and I wont come untill I get money to satisfy you- Yours affectionate Wm. B. Crawley.

To Unkle B. [illegible]

Mar. 3rd 1853 J. Wm. Crawley adm'r. of Wm. B. Crawley admit that this letter was written by Wm. B. Crawley and may be used as evidence in the suit of Crawley vs Crawley without proof of the hand writing of Wm. B. Crawley. William Crawley