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State N Carolina Halifax County Pursuant to the annexed commission to me directed at the store of B. Hunter in the County of Halifax N.C. neither party being present. I proceeded to take the deposition of Robert Southall, being of full age, who having been first sworn upon the holy Evangelist to depose the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth between the said parties named in the commission. deposeth & sayeth as follows to wit:

Wm Crawley (I think in 1843 was at Enfield NC. with Barthus J. Crawley they went from there to Weldon & on their return Wm. Crawley had a horse & carry all & a load of Tobacco he (Wm. Crawley) told me he bought the horse & carry all & fifty boxes of tobacco of Barthus Crawley said he was to give ten cents pr lb. for the tobacco the boxes weighed about 110 to 120 lb. net. he did not say what he was to give for the horse & carry all I suppose they were worth about sixty dollars I heard the rail road agent at Weldon say he delivered the 50 boxes tobacco to Wm. Crawley.

Sworn to before me this 15th July 1848.

Robert H. Southall Benj Hunter J.P. A copy Teste Wm. Holt, Ck.