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Commissioners Report Crawley vs. Crawley Filed 20 Aug 1857

The defendant William Crawley Admr. of W. B. Crawley decd. excepts to the written report. 1st. because there is no sufficient evidence in the cause of the indebtedness of William Crawley the [absent?] defendant to the plaintiff. 2d. Because it does not [appear?] that the evidence filed was taken to be [read?] in this cause. 3d. Because the commissioner has reported the amount of property in the hands of the tenant for life without any evidence before him for that purpose. 4th. Because the report was based upon testimony which if the evidence [had been?] properly taken is illegal and insufficient to change the estate of William Crawley Decd. June 10th 1852. [illegible] Thornton for Sup't.

William [illegible] Crawley (A) 1843 to Bathurst J. Crawley To 48 boxes of tobacco $336.00 To 1 horse and carryall $57.50 $393.50