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Note for a continuance Two letters have been filed during this term by the plaintiff, the reading of which has been [consented?] to by the Administrator of W. B. Crawley who is a brother of the plaintiff without the knowledge or consent of the heirs at Law of the said Crawley or their counsel without any proof of the [genuineness?] of said letters, which letters if [suffered?] to [be read?] the heirs of W. B. Crawley wish time to reply to and explain. These letters were written in 1844; William B. Crawley died in 1847, and the heirs are prepared to prove by evidence discovered during this time that in 1847, or 1848, the plaintiff admitted that he did not have the scratch of a pen against W. B. Crawley. That he knew the estate was bound to go and that he thought he might as well have it as any body else" And for these reasons the Defendants wish a continuance of the cause. The course pursued by the Adm'r shews that his feelings are with his brother and the defence devolves entirely upon the heirs of William B. Crawley

R.W. [Lyles?] & R [Thornton?] for the Defendants