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Green Cty Ala. June 25 1844 Dear Unkle I Take this opportunity to write you a few Lines informing you that I am in good Helth at this time Hoping when this may Reach you that it may find you and family injoying the same Like blessing. I have said Enough about Health I know that you [are?] and have been uneasy a long time about me or at Least not particular about me - but your debt dont be uneasy a moment on that a/c you nor your children shall never loose one cent on my a/c I am Satisfied at my losses I can't blame you for selling me the tobacco though I Lossed & that I agreed to pay you for it On the sale though it is still bound to come Out the Pocket of some other poor devil. I started from home to get money and I am bound to have a considerable Sum before I will be able to see you all so dont wish my presants nor grieve my abcence. I am determined to have all things satisfied when I come to the Old Country. I have a plenty to go on and I am determined to have a plenty to satisfy my Creditors Let me again ask you as a Unkle and Friend not to think [hard?] nor be uneasy if I die you can be paid and if I Live you will be sure to be Farely Settled with. If I was with you I could tell you a great may things that you never have oncs thought of in Traveling though we are a considerable distance a part. And it is nessary to think of a Long Talk on on the matter. So I will [come?] to a close by asking you to be content and not to be uneasy any Longer. For if I Live and dont die you shant Loose by me I was stoped by Company this evening and cant cant finish all the sheet there fore I will come to a close by telling you that all things will be easy answer this immediately and I will write to you again Let me know how you are coming on. The Crops in this Country is fine and I intend to Reap the benefits of some of them. I had Last night the Luck to Loose 200-64- last night. dont think From my Losses that I am destitute I have Learnt a great [Deal?] sinse O saw you If you had of been with me I have no doubt but that you would have a thousand dollars better off I have not drank a pint of the ardent in 2 months So Farewell and be easy till we meet again Your affectionate Nephew W B Crawley To Unkle B. J. Crawley NB Awnswer this immediately and direct your Letter to Warsaw Sumpter County Alabama and give me all the news. Rest Satified W B Crawley