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The Commonwealth of Virginia to the sheriff of Halifax County Greeting Whereas Bathurst J. Crawley heretofore exhibited to our Circuit Superior Court of law and Chancery for the County of Halifax his bill of Complaint against William B Crawley & others whereupon sundry proceedings have been had as appears from the records and files of the said Court; but before a final decree Could be pronounced in the Cause the said Wm B Crawley departed this life intestate as it is said and administration of all and singular his goods chattels and credits hath been in due form Committed to Wm Crawley and the said Bathurst J. Crawley having supplicated us for a proper remedy in this behalf & we being willing that what is right and Just should be done Therefore we command you that you make known according to law to the said William Crawley that he be at the Clerks office of the said Court at Rules to be holden for the said Court on the 1st Monday in December next to show if anything for himself he have or knows to say, why the said suit should not be proceeded in to a final decree against him in his character aforesaid, and be in all things in the same plight and condition as it was at the time of the decease of the said Wm B Crawley and further to do and receive what our said Court shall in that part consider and have then there this Writ. Witness Wm Holt Clerk of our said Court this 11th day of Octo 1829 & in the 74th year of the Commonwealth. Wm Holt