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To Barthus J. Crawley: Take notice that I shall on Friday, the 8th day of April, 1853, at the storehouse of William L. Owen at Black Walnut in the county of Halifax, Virginia between the rising and setting of the sun on that day proceed to take the depositions of Joseph T. Faulkner, Ann F. Faulkner, and others to be read as evidence in a suit now depending in the circuit court of Halifax county Virginia in which said suit you are plaintiff and I as administrator of William B. Crawley deceased am defendant: and if from any cause the taking of said depositions shall not be completed on the day the taking of the same will be continued from day to day until completed.

WILLIAM CRAWLEY, administrator of William B. Crawley, deceased for four March 12, 1853 4 w.

Corporation of Danville, to wit: This day personally appeared before me a magistrate for the corporation aforesaid, Armistead B. Chism, foreman in the Danville Register office and made oath that the annexed notice to take depositions of Joseph T. Faulkner and other in case of Crawley vs Crawley has been duly published in said newspaper for four successive weeks from the 12th March 1853 inclusive.

Given under my hand, this 5th day of May 1853. W. T. Sutherlin, Ald.