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The deposition of Spotswood Clarkson taken before Comr. O Loving at his office on Saturday the 15th day of Septr 1860 to be read in the case of Gentry vs. Shelton & in a suit in the county court of Nelson taken on a day set by said Comr. for the attendance of the parties before him according to notice herewith filed. Quest. by Henry L. Harris' Counsel: Take the a/c marked (H. L. H.) of Henry L. Harris against Lucy Ann & Joseph P. Shelton infant children of Nelson S. Shelton for board & clothing from June 1st 1857 to June 1st 1860 and say all you may know with reference to the correctness &c of the charges? Answer. Lucy Ann Shelton has been living with Henry L. Harris from the day of his marriage of with her sister & has lived with him ever since; the boy Joseph went to live with him a short time afterwards, and has also been living with him ever since, and I think he clothed them, as they had no means otherwise that I knew of. I think the charge of $5.00 per month for each of them, a reasonable charge and less than I should have been willing to bored [board] them & clothe them for And further this deponent saith not. S N Clarkson

The deposition of Lee W. H. Coleman taken before the same Commr. at the same time & place to be read in the same cause. Ques: by H. L. Harris' Counsel: Answer the question propounded to Mr. Clarkson? Answer: I have frequently visited Mr. H. L. Harris since his mariage [marriage] and always found said Lucy & Joseph Shelton there, and I have seen him buy clothing for them. Mr. Harris was married in the year 1857 in the spring. I think Mr. Harris' account for their board & clothing reasonabbly low. And further this