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This Indenture made this 9th day of March 1843 Between Dabney Carr of the County of Albemarle of the first part, John L. Thomas of said County of the second part and Sarah J. Shelton wife of Nelson S. Shelton of the third part lelitueseth: That for and in consderation of the natural love and affection the said Dabney Carr has for the said Shara J. Sheton. Now in consideration thereof and in consideration of one dollar lawful money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the said John L. Thomas before the ensealing and delivery of these presants the receipt where of hereby acknowledge, have given and granted and by these presents do give and grant unto the said John S. Thomas in trust for the support use and benefit of the said Sarah J. Shelton apart from the use of Nelson S. Shelton and not to be liable for any debt of his which he may now be owing or may hereafter contract, but to be held and posesed by said Sarah J. Shelton under the control of the said Thomas, not liable to be sold or disposed of by said Thomas, but to be worked for the benefit of the said Sarah Jane Shelton and the child she now has and such children as they may hereafter have, during her life and at ther death to be equally divided between all her children and their heirs, the following property, to wit: one negro man Nelson and a girl Winny and her future increase _ To have and to hold the said negroes and increase unto him the said Thomas in trust for the purposes above stated and the said Dabney Carr for himself his exors [executors], adms [administrators, and asigns against the claim of him the said Dabney Carr, his Executor or Administrators, and against the