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The answer of Jno [John] Holcombe Overstreet to the Bill of Complaint of John Clarke This Deft. [Defendant] now and at all times saving to himself, all manner of benefit & advantage of Receptions to the many imperfections of the said Bill of Complaint for answer to so much thereof as he is advised in material for him to answer, he answerith [answereth?] & saith that some time in the month of February in the year 1790 this Defendant did agree with the said Complt. [Complainant] that his Slave Jack a most valuable young negro man Slave should work at the Black Smiths Trade at the Complts. [Complainant's] that the Complt. [Complainant] shod. [should] provide a good hand to strike at the anvil, should also provide lodging. [Deit?/diet?] house room, charcoal, & other necessaries for carrying on the Black Smiths business, except Tools, which was found by this Deft. [Defendant] and that the said Deft. [Defendant] [illegible] should equally divide the property, made by the aforesaid business, untill [Christmass?] then next following, as by a certain written agreement signed in due form will appear reference being there unto had This deft. [defendant] admits that he gave his Bond for thirty pounds to the said Compt. [Complainant] for a valuable consideration, shortly after agreement aforesaid which was agreed by the said Complt. [Complainant] and the said Deft. [Defendant] to be paid & discharged by