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The Commonwealth of Virginia to John H. Overstreet ^Greeting^ for certain causes moved before our Justices of our County Court of Prince Edward in Chancery, to you we [illegible] and friendly enjoice you, that allother matters and causes whatsoever for aside, in your proper person you be before our justices of our said county bound of prince edward aforesaid on the third monday in alighment next to shew good and sufficeced accedes why a condemm bill in chancy and the proceedings therefore against you in our said bound [illegible] brought shall be revived and further to do and receive what our loved bound should in that handconsider and this you shall in no wise [illegible] under the beuatly of one hundred [howends?], and have thier those this wried [illegible] francis walkeirs clork of our said bound at the bound house; the 21st day of junde 1792 in the 16th year of the commonwealth Walkins Elk