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Prince edward march about 1799 John Clarke plaintiff against John H Overstreet defendant } In Chancery

The plaintiff having filed in bill at - Rules held in the Clerks office October the eighteenth 1791, and the subpoena being returned executed, and the defendant not having answered the plaintiff said bill agreeable to law: on the motion of the plaintiff by his attorney: It is decreed & ordered that the Plaintiffs said bill be taken for confessed and the prayer thereof decreed accordingly ; unless the defendant shall appear on or before the next Quarter Session Court and by his answer shew cause to the contrary, and it is further decreed & ordered that James Morton, Samuel W. Venable and Peter Johnston Gentlemen or any two of them be appointed Commissioners to settle the accounts between the parties to ascertain the ballance due to the plaintiff & make report thereof to this Court; A copy Teste F Watkins C.L.K.

Prince Edward December Court 1792 Richard Royall & Worsham Anderson Executors of John Clarke decd Plt against } In Chancery Upon a Bill of Revision John H Overstreet Ordered that Charles Allen Gentleman be & he is hereby appointed a Commission in setting the accounts between the parties, and that any two or more of them may proceed to settle the accounts between the parties agreeable to a