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I John H Overstreet of Cumberland County am held & firmly bound unto John Clark of Prince Ew'd County in the full & just sum of thirty pounds specie for value rec'd as witness my hand & seal this 20th day of March 1780 The condition of the above obligation is such that the above bound John H Overstreet has agreed that the s'd Clarke shall have the first thirty pounds earned by the Smith [setled?] at s'd Clarks; coming to s'd Overstreet, after s'd Clarks paying twenty two pounds to Wm F Walker to be paid in goods in the store but if s'd Smith named Jack sh'd die before the s'd thirty pounds is earned, I bind myself to pay any ballance that may be due on or before Christmas next, as witness my hand the above date Jno H Overstreet {seal} Teste Rich'd Royall Interlined Send before signed ----- }