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To the [wonderful?] Justices of the County Court of [Prince Edward?] in Chancery sitting:

    Humbly complaining [illegible] unto your Worships - your [illegible] Edward W-[illegible] Than some time in the year [1895?] he [illegible] a negro mani n the county of [illegible] of the estate of Richmond Allen died and [illegible] him to the County of Prince Edward; that [nearly?] two years say one year + [illegible] afterwards the said negro ran away from your [illegible] and returned to the neighbourhood from which he had been carried; That while the said negro was a runaway a certain William A. Howard of Che County of [illegible] who owned the wife of the said negro proposed to [illegible] for him. That your [illegible] embraced the offer, and on the very night on which he was apprehended (and he was apprehended in the immediate neighbourhood of the said Howard) carried him to said Howard's house and eschanged him for one of Howard's negroes-than the exchange was made at Howard's own house in the [illegible] of [illegible], and [illegible] as your [illegible] solemnly [illegible] any was nearly either as to health or quality: more [seeing?] [illegible] as Howard knew the said negro fully as well as your [illegible] [humbly???] [illegible] your [Orator?] did believe at the time that he was perfectly sound and well- but would not have [undertaken?] to [wayward?] any thing so [precious?] as human health or human life - that the