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Then the said negro was[illegible] [or?] [illegible] obtained a [illegible] and [judgement] against your [oration?] for the sum of $280 and cash [that] your [orator?], then, by his counsel [moved?] the court for a new trial. because the said [illegible] was contrary to evidence [illegible] the [illegible] were equally [divided?] and the [notion?] agreeably to the will of the said [Course?] was overruled- your [orator?], then, through his counsel moved the [count? court?] [[repead? repealed?] the testimony in the record, that he might appeal to the [illegible] Court of Law; but owing to the [illegible] of the [illegible] who sat upon the trial the court though willing to do so could not spread the evidence on the [illegible] as some one in more of the members setting at the time the said [motion?] was. [illegible] had [illegible] heard inant other [evidence revealed?] is Whereby your worship will see that your orator will be deprived of the privilege of appeal [illegible] to every party [litigant?] in a court of Law[truly?] your worships- as a court of equity will [interpose?] and grant him relief * [cont. where * is on side of page] and [yours?] orator [here?] discovered other testimony [illegible] the said trial [as?] [illegible] he did not then know of going to more than the aforesaid negro was [we?] sound and well n the very day on the [illegible] [we?] [near?] away from your orator. [continues in main paragraph] that the said Howard has owed our execution on the said judgement levied in on your Orators property and compelled him to give a delivery [found?] to have the said property forthcoming [as? at?] the July term of Prince Edward County Court- all of [which?] [divings?] and [illegible] of the said Howard herein after called Defendant, are contrary to equity and good concience. [Now? How?] in [tender?] consideration of the [memises?] and in as much as your Orator is without relief, except by the interposition of a court of equity- your orator humbly prays that the said Howard may be enjoined and restrained from farther [illegible] on the said [execution?] judgement until the matters and things herein this worshipful court- and that your Worships will set aside [illegible-torn out] [illegible] [new 1/2 of page, 1st line is torn] and grant your Orator a new Trial in the court of said cause- and [farther?] that the said Howard may be required to answer their [alleged?] [time?] of this [will?] in oath and especially to [discourse? discuss?] the terms of the exchange [illegible] himself and your [realm?] and to say distinctly whether your Orator made any [representation] as to or warranting of the [illegible] of the said negro- and if he did not know the said negro [perfectly?] and [illegible] for [illegible] upon him over knowledge of him- [2 lines of text that are difficult to tell where they go] aid [torn- orator?] [and?] [decree?] [illegible] farther relief in the [memises?] as may seem equitable- the commonwealth's subpoena He - and your [orator?] as is duty bound, will ever pray [He?] [Mathews?] [p.q.?] Prince Edward County [illegible]: Edward W. Prestin personally appeared before me a Justice of the [police?] for said County and made oath that his allegations contained in the foregoing bill are There as far as they come within known knowledge and as far as they depend upon the infromation of others he believes them to be true.