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that the said negro was [unsound] [or?] [illegible] obtained a [illegible] and [judgement] against your [oration?] for the sum of $280 and cash [that] your [orator?], then, by his counsel [moved?] the court for a new trial. because the said [illegible] was contrary to evidence [illegible] the [illegible] were equally [divided?] and the [notion?] agreeably to the will of the said [Course?] was overruled- your [orator?], then, through his counsel moved the [count? court?] [[repead? repealed?] the testimony in the record, that he might appeal to the [illegible] Court of Law; but owing to the [illegible] of the [illegible] who sat upon the trial the court though willing to do so could not spread the evidence on the [illegible] as some one in more of the members setting at the time the said [motion?] was. [illegible] had [illegible] heard inant other [evidence revealed?] is Whereby your worship will see that your orator will be deprived of the privilege of appeal [illegible] to every party [litigant?] in a court of Law[truly?] your worships- as a court of equity will