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verdict was contrary to and unsupported by evidence on the contrary this respondent proved to the satisfaction of the jury and court, as is evidenced by the verdict of the jury and the refusal of the court to grant a new trial, that the Compt not only traded him an unsound negro but that he knew him to be unsound at the time of the exchange. As to the allegation of the bill that the Comp has discovered since the trial at Law new evidence going to prove that his negro was sound at the time that he run away, sometime before the trade this respondent does not believe it but he is advised that even if that fact was proved it could not influence the decision of the case and could be no ground for new trial. This respondent is also advised that the question in this case is one purely legal, & that the case having been once fully and fairly tried before a Law tribunal, and there decided, a court of chancery has no right to interfere, and having answered, this respondent prays that the injunction may be dissolved, and that he may be dismissed with his cost &c. Wm. A. Howard

Prince Edward County Dct. This day William A Howard mad oath before ma a justice of the peace for the County aforesaid, that the foregoing answer is true. Given under my hand this 14th day of February 1829 Henry E. Watkins JP

(filed 16th Feby 1829)