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The Deposition of Reuben Guill taken this twelfth day of Sept. 1828 at the Tavern of William Penick in the town of Farmville agreeable to notice, between the hours of 11 & 6 oClock in a suit depending & undetermined in the County Court of Price Edward in chancery between Edward W. Preston plff. & William Howard Def'd - deposeth & saith, that he lived with said Preston as an overlooker in the year 1826 and that Jacob was one of his hands and that he considered him as a healthy sound negro untill he the said Jacob ran away about the last of August - after which he knoweth nothing about him, and further this deponent said not 12th Sept 1828 we Abraham E Venable & Robt Venable being Justices of the Peace for the County of Prince Edward do hereby certify that Rhubin Guill maid Oath that the above deposition is true to best of knowledge which was taken in our presents Abraham Venable Robt Venable