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The Deposition of Davis Osborne, taken at Cairo on the 13th Nov 1828 - agreeably to notice, to be read as evidence in a cause depending in the County Court of Prince Edward in Chancery, in which Edward W Preston is Plaintiff & Wm A Howard is defendant - deponent being duly sworn deposeth & saith - That on two or three days to the best of his memory after the negro Jacob came to defendants possession, that deponent went when said negro was firing Tobacco & asked said negro how he came on. Said negro answered that he was very poorly, that he had a very bad cold - deft remarked to him that he deft expected that he Jacob had been lying out in the woods so much was the cause of his being sick the negro answered that he did not know - dep't did not see the negro again, till deponent moved to defendants, which was about 10 or 12 days or perhaps rather more before the death of the negro - deponent saw Doct Smith there once or twice - deponent had lived previously at judge Taylors plantation - which from house to house is about 3/4th of a mile - about 300 yards from the house dep't lived in at judge Taylors to defendants line fence - deponent says that defendant was from home when he dep't moved to defendants & did not come home till after the death of negro Jacob as well as dep't recollects - would not be positive