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a judgment thereon and is now urging the attention thereof by means of an execution; The avails of this execution are now for the benefit of Alexander Newman as appears by an endorsement on the papers of the case to which reference is made as to an exhibit in this cause. Your complainant shews to your Honor that at the time of the sale of said slave Bill & before that time he was diseased and unsound so that he was of no value whatever - and that he died in February 1848 of the disease which existed at the time of the sale; it is shewn to your Honor that at the time of the sale and before that time it was well known to James Newman and Alexander Newman that the said slave was diseased and unsound and that said James Newman & Alexander Newman omitted to disclose the fact of such unsoundness but sold him as a sound slave & your orator ignorant of the unsoundness bought him as sound; thus your orator has been defrauded out of two hundred dollars already - and the defendants hereinafter named are attempting by means of the execution aforesaid to defraud your orator of three hundred dollars more. Your orator therefore prays that said Jacob Hornsberger admr. of Andrew Newman and Alexander Newman defendants hereto may answer this bill - that the defendants be perpetually injoined from all further proceedings on the judgment aforesaid and that your orator may have a decree for the money already paid and interest thereon and all further relief appropriate in the premises & he doth pray &c Kersey & Kersey & G {illegible} atty for writer

Rockingham County Sc Henry Phillips this day appeared in the county aforesaid - and made oath before the Subscriber a justice of the peace therein that he verily believes the facts set forth in the foregoing bill in Chancery to be true. Given under my hand Oct. 9 1849. Abr Smith J.P.