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Hamsberger admrs et al ads Phillips The separate answer of Jacob Hamsberger admr of Andrew Newman dec to a bill of complaint exhibited against him and another in the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery on the Chancery side thereof by Henry Phillips This respondent saving and reserving to himself the benefit of all exceptions to said Bill for Answer thereto answers and says That it is true that suit was on the side of the court instituted in his name as admr of Andrew Newman dec for the use of Alexander Newman vs Henry Phillips for the sum of $300 upon these bonds executed by said Phillips to his intestate. And that he believed that said bonds were service for part of the purchase money for a negro man named Bill, then the property of Andrew Newman, sold by James Newman and Alexander Newman to said Henry Phillips and that judgment was recovered in said action at the May term Thereof 1849 - And execution was issued - This respondent knows nothing except what he has heard from others as to the terms of the contract between James and Alexander Newman and Henry Phillips - This respondent knew the said negro Bill well for many years certainly from the year 1832 - and considered him to be a strong able and robust work hand - that he had no knowledge whatever of any unsoundness in him and never heard such an intimation was til about the time somewhere of the death of said negro - and that he had frequently heard the said Henry Phillips express himself perfectly satisfied with his purchase - And that said Phillips more than once came to him to be assured of his title to said negro and seem to fear that there might be some defect in his title, and that on that account he might love the benefit of his purchase, which he considered a good one. This respondent has no knowledge of any fraud