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Henry Philips vs A. Newman's Admr } This cause came onto be finally heard this 13 day of February 1854, upon the papers [formerly?] read herein, and the award ordered and [retumed?] by the arbitrator selected by the parties; To [Amd cause?] against which, the parties have been duly summoned, who showing no cause against the same but now consenting that the same [should?] be [sustained?] as the decree and judgment of the Court, wherefore the Court by consent of parties, doth in conformity with said award. adjudge & decree, that the injunction rendered to stay the judgment in the bill mentioned, be perpetuated, that Henry Philips [recover?] of the estate of Andrew Newman dec'd, in the hands of his admr. the sum of two hundred dollars, with interest thereon at the rate of six per cent per annum from March 20 1848, until paid, to be levied of the goods & chattels of the decedent in the hands of the adm'r to be administered. And the court doth further adjudge & decree that the said Philips [recover?] his costs herein expended to be levied of the goods & chattels of said decedent, in the hands of his adm'r to be administered.