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Newman ads Phillips } The separate answer of Alexander Newman to a bill of complaint exhibited against him and others in the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery for the County of Rockingham, on the Chancery side thereof by Henry Phillips - This respondent, reserving and saving to himself the benefit of all exceptions to said bill for answer thereto or so much thereof as he is advised it is material for him to answer, Answers and says that it is true that on or about the 20th of March 1846 Andrew Newman since deceased then a resident of the state of Missouri was the owner of a negro man slave named Bill in the county of Rockingham under the control of James Newman and this respondent as agents for said Andrew Newman with a power to sell his slaves and that on the 20th of March 1846 the said James Newman and this respondent acting as agents as aforesaid did sell to Henry Phillips the slave Bill for the sum of Five Hundred Dollars, one Hundred payable sometime during the month of May leaving the date of said sale which was paid accordingly. Another hundred payable the 20th of March 1847 paid the remaining Three hundred dollars on the 20th March 1848 - For which sums payable as above stated the said Henry Phillips executed his bonds to said Andrew Newman - for the last payment executing their bonds of One Hundred dollars each- But this respondent says it is not true that according to their contract that any part of the said money should be paid in 1849 or 1850 - that it is true that the said Phillips desired that the bonds should be made so payable, but that neither James Newman or this respondent would agree thereto - the said Phillips stated that he was security for a certain J.W. Dunlop in the sum of about three hundred dollars, and if