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12 [unea]siness after purchasing Bill for fear that his title was not good? Ans: I do not know particularly whether I ever did or not if I did I do not recollect it.

By same. Have you not heard Phillips express himself highly gratified with his bargain? Ans: I don't think I ever did. I don't think he ever told me what the negro cost him

By same. Did you ever make an effort at Phillips request, to sell that negro for him - or did you not make an effort at some one else's request to purchase him from Phillips? Ans: I answer No to both parts of the question.

By Plffs counsel - How long in it since Phillips lived at his father in law, James Devers? & how far was James Devers residence from Andrew Newman's? & how far was Henry Phillips residence from Andrew Newman's? Ans: It must be some 14 or 15 years - James Devers residence was about half a mile from Newman's - Henry Phillips residence from about 3 or 4 miles from Newman's.

By same. How long had Alexander Newman returned from Missouri before Bill was sold to Phillips? Ans: It must have been close upon 2 years.

By same. How long had you been acquainted with this negro Bill? Ans: He was raised there in sight of me - I knew him from the time he could run about until he died

By defdts counsel - During all this time did you even know Bill to be sick? Ans: I have heard of Bill being ailing as other negroes are, but as to my own eye sight I don't know that I ever