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To the Hon. Rich'd H Baker Judge of the Circuit Court of Surry County, in Chancery sitting humbly Complaining showeth unto your honor, your Orator Robertson Holt, that at January Rules 1856, he filed his original Bill in that hon. Court, against Holts, Faison, Edwin White trustee & as Executor of John Holt dc'd & als. in which besides other things, it was stated that one Samuel Judkins dcd, by his last will & testament, had directed that on the death of his daughter Charity (afterward Holt the wife of Henry Holt ) - without issue &c, the property therein loaned to her should be divided in two parts: one of which he gave to Rebecca Judkins, and the other to the children of his daughter Mary Holt, that Charity, the tenant for life had died a short time before, and hence the period for the division of said property had arrived; and it was prayed that the negroes, being the only property subject to such division be sold and the proceeds divided between those therein stated to be entitled - that seveal decrees have been entered, directing a sale, collection of proceeds &c, other proceeding thereunder had as will more fully and clearly appear by referral to the said Bill & other subsequent proceedings in the Cause. Your orator further states, that owing to lapse of time of time, mistakes were made in his said Bill, in the names of the children of Mary Holt and the period of the death of some of them, and other facts have since come to light unknown by, or forgotten by them, which materially affecting the interest of them entitled, he purposes herein to correct. Your orator will proceed to make a brief statement of the facts, as he now is informed, one true and reliable. Mary Holt died leaving six children - Wm, your orator, Robertson Holt, Nicholas Holt, William S Holt, Patsey (afterward Harris), Thomas & Micajah Holt.