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To the Hon: Richard H. Baker Judge of the Circuit Court of Surry County in Chy. sitting humbly complaining, sheweth unto your honor your Orator, Robertson Holt who states, that one Samuel Judkins departed this life some time in the year 1810 or 1811 after having made his last Will & testament bearing date the 25 Jany 1810 which was duly admitted to Probat & recorded in the Clerk's office of Surry County, a copy of which is herewith filed and prayed to be taken as a part of this Bill. Among other provisions to the said Will, your Orator begs leave to Call your honor's attention to the following Clause, in the 2d Item thereof - viz. At the death of my daughter Charity, I give and bequeath the property of every kind &c herein lent to her, to the child or children of said Charity in case she has any, to them & their heirs forever; but should she die leaving no issue, it is then my will & desire so that the balance of the estate (including negroes ) be divided between my granddaughter Rebecca Judkins, and the children of the said Mary Holt "allotting to Rebecca Judkins one half of the said negroes &c" . Your orator further states, that thereafter, the said Charity Judkins the tenant for life of the negroes as above referred to, intermarried with one Henry Holt whom she survived a number of years, and died in Surry County, at an advanced age in the year 1855, whereby as will appear by the above extract from the 2d Item of the Will of Samuel Judkins, the negroes (for there is no controversy & this suit is brought about no other property), therein loaned to her, should now be divided among the children of Mary Holt & Rebecca Judkins, as the said Charity died leaving no issue, or any descendants, or amongst those who may be entitled to the same. The said Mary Holt died a long time ago, and left the following children - your orator, Robertson Holt 1, Nicholas Holt (2), Wm S. Holt (30, Patsey Holt (4), Thomas (5) & Micajah Holt (6), seven (7) in number of whom Thomas & Micajah Holt died quite young, several years ago, unmarried & without issue, & leaving their brothers & sister their heirs & distributees at Law & Dr Quincy Holt is their administrator . Nicholas Holt & Wm S Holt also have died, one J. N. Carroll is the ex'or of Nicholas, and Edwin White is the Ex'or of John Holt who is also dead, & Wm W West Sheriff of Surry County is adm de bonis of Wm. S. Holt dcd. as will appear by the several copies of the order of their respective qualifications herewith filed as parts of this Bill. Patsey Holt intermarried with one James Harris, and died, her husband surviving her, and he has qualified as adm'r of his said wife, Patsey Holt Your orator will state, that Nicholas & John, Wm S, Thomas & Micajah Holt and Patsey Harris, formerly Holt, all died, many years before Charity Holt,