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formerly Judkins. The other legatee, Rebecca Judkins who by the said Will of Samuel Judkins, was entitled to one half of the said negros married one Ivy Foreman of North Carolina - when she died 18 Nov. 1823, her husband Ivy Foreman surviving her who afterwards died 31st August 1832 & the only child of this marriage, Martha A, died an infant on the 17th May 1825. Alexander Faison is the administrator of said Rebecca Foreman (formerly Judkins ), and Richard P Holt is the admor de bonis non of Henry Holt de'd. Copies of the orders of their respective qualifications as aforesaid are herewith filed as parts of this Bill. It will be perceived, that one half of the said negroes, if divided according to the Will of Samuel Judkins, will be divided into seven parts, 1/7 to your orator, 1/7 to Edwin White Exor of John Holt de'd, 1/7 to Mr A Garrett exor of Nicholas Holt, 1/7 to Wm. W. West admor of Wm. S Holt d'cd, 1/7 to James Harris admor of his wife Patsey & 2/7 to D. Irving Holt admor of Thomas & Micajah Holt, and the other moiety will be allotted to Alexander Faison admor of Rebecca Judkins ad. The negroes above alluded to consisted of Tempe and 5 children viz Eliza 1, Dick 2, Ben 3, Henry 4, & James 5. Bob 6, Jacob 7, Dick 8, Minerv 9, & 2 children (11), Martha & 1 child (13), Sarah & 1 child (15) & Emeline (16); of these, Jacob, Dick, Minerva & her two children, Martha & her one child, Sarah & 1 child, Emeline were in the possession of Charity Holt, formerly Judkins at her death. Bob, in consequence of his bad character was sold and the bond for the proceeds of sale is now held by Alexander Faison. Tempe & her five children were sold many years ago, irregularly and without proper authority by John Holt for the sum of $ [blank] , but your orator believes that he, and Nicholas & Wm Holt, received their portion of the said proceeds from John Holt, but James Harris in right of his wife Patsey, and Rebecca Judkins, afterwards Foreman received no share of the proceeds of the said sale of Tempe & her five children. Your orator further states, that it has been understood for a number of years, that John Holt purchased the interest of William Holt in all of there negroes - including Bob & those in the possession of Charity Holt at her death, and that this purchase was subsequent to the death of Thomas & Micajah Holt; and that Thomas & Micajah Holt died before their brothers, Nicholas, William & John Holt & also before their sister Patsy Harris, so that instead of dividing as above suggested, the share of the negros bequeathed to Mary Holt's children into seven parts, it will be the same thing to divide that share in to 5 equal parts. Your orator states, that as to the sale by Wm Holt of his interest to John Holt it is a matter to be determined or litigated by their respective representatives, as he has no evidence of such transfer, but as Nicholas Holts estate is insolvent, he conceives, that he should not be allowed to share in the negroes of which Charity died possessed & are now in hand for division, until he accounts to the party for their shares of Tempe & her five children sold by Jno Holt as aforesaid without due authority, and your orator prays full investigation be made into that transaction, and full justice be done to the parties who were wronged by said Jno Holts illegal acts in regard to the sale aforesaid. Your orator will further remark, that some doubt exists as to the proper construction of the Will of Samuel Judkins, relative to the said negroes, that is to say, whether the limitations therein prescribed, do not create an estate laid in Charity, which under our law, becoming or being enlarged to, an estate in fee, upon her marriage with Henry Holt, vest the absolute right to the said negroes in him, and cause the same to be distributed according to his Will - see the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9 & 10 Items of Henry Holt's Will a copy of which is herewith filed as a part of this Bill. Henry Holt as before stated married Charity Judkins. Your orator states that in consequence of the difficulties arising as aforesaid, the aid of this hon'ble Court is invoked, as the parties are without adequate remedy at Law. He prays that Edwin White Exo'r of John Holt, dec'd, M. Quincy Holt admor of Thomas & Micajah Holt dec'd, Alexander Faison admor of Rebecca Foreman formerly Judkins, Richard P Holt admor de bonis with the Will annexed of Henry Holt dec'd Jno N Carroll Exor of Nicholas Holt dec'd, Wm. W. West sheriff & adm of Wm. S. Holt dec'd & James Harris admor of Patsy Harris dec'd formerly Holt & Edwin White as trustee for W. J. Holt & John Holt as by appears by a deed dated 23rd April 1832 be made parties defendant to this Bill & be compelled to answer the same, in all allegations herein made relative to their several interest, and that Edwin White as Ex'or of John Holt dc'd particularly set out & produce all papers & give all the information he can obtain concerning the sale by his testator John Holt, of the negros