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Tempe & five children above mentioned, together with the amount obtained when sold, and what distribution was made of the proceeds of sale &c; and further produce all the evidence he has of the sale by Wm Holt of his interest in the said negros to his testator John Holt. Your orator prays that the negros, Jacob, Dick, Minerva, & 2 children, Martha & child, Sarah & child and Emeline of which Charity Holt (formerly Judkins) died possessed may be sold, and the proceeds of sale, together with the price for which the negro Bob sold and now in the hands of Alex'r Faison, be divided among those entitled according to the facts and principles set forth in this Bill and grant all other relief which may be meet & fit in the premises & grant the Commonwealth's subpoena &c Robertson Holt by R.H. Whitfield his Aty Holt v Holt & als Holt Vs Holts exor &c } Bill Jany rules 1856