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Holt vs Holt } Note for Decree This cause (in which the Summons have been duly executed on all the defendants, and they still failing to appear and answer, on motion of the Plt by his counsel, the Court doth take his bill for confessed ) came on this day to be heard in the bill and exhibits, and was argued by the Plts counsel: On consideration whereof the court without deciding the principles of this cause, but reserving the same for future consideration doth adjudge order and decree that Alexr Faison who is hereby appointed a commissioner for the purpose to sell at public auction on a credit of six months after having given at least twenty days previous notice of the time of sale by advertisement at the door of the Courthouse of Surry county on some court day, the following slaves to wit Jacob, Dick, Manerva & her two children, Martha & her children, Sarah and child and Emaline that he take for the proceeds of sales and return the same with a report of his proceedings herein to the Court. But the effect of this decree is to be suspended until the said Alexr Faison execute for the clerk of this court bond with sufficient security to be approved by the sd Clerk in a penalty of $10,000 conditioned as the law directs. And leave is hereby given to any of the defendants to file answers to the Plts. bill within sixty days from this day.