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Holt vs Holt Exec et al - This cause came on this day to be again heard on the papers formerly read, & on the Answer of Edwin White Exec of John Holt deceased this day filed by counsel of the court - several replication thereto & exhibits filed & was argued by counsel, on consideration whereof the court - doth adjudge order & decree that a commissioner of this court make the following enquiries. 1st By whom Tempe & her children in the proceedings of this suit mentioned were sold, the amount for which they sold & how the proceeds of sale were distributed. 2nd The date of the death of Mary Holt, which of her children survived her, & if any which of said children were born subsequent to the death of Samuel Judkins, the dates & relative order of the deaths of such of said children as have died. 3rd. An account of the fund in the hands of Alexander Faison arising from the sale of the negroes in the proceedings of this suit mentioned, inclusive of Bob, to whom the same is distributable under the will of Samuel Judkins & their respective amounts of the same - which he shall state & report to the court, with any matters specially stated deemed pertinent by himself, or required by the parties to be so stated.