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To the Honorable Richard H. Baker Judge of the Circuit Court of Surry County, in chancery sitting. The Answers of R P Holt in his own right, and as admr de bonis non of Henry Holt, & Edwin White as admr Jas L Holt to the original & amended bill of complaint in said court exhibited by Robertson Holt, against him & others. These respondents saving & reserving all right of exception to the said original & amended bills, for answer thereto, or to so much thereof as he is advised is material for him to make answer unto, answering saith that they cannot deny the general allegations of said bills as to the death of the said testator Samuel Judkins, the publication & probat of his will & the provisions of the same, the death of the said Charity Holt formerly Judkins named in the second clause of said will without children & the consequent bequest over to the children of Mary Holt & Rebecca Judkins - if said limitations be good - that your said respondents have no personal knowledge of the allegations of said bill as to the sale of Tempe & her children & the distribution of the proceeds of sale between the complainants & Jno Holt but they have understood & have no doubt that it is true that said Jno Holt & the complainant sold said negroes & that the complainant received one third & the said Jno Holt two thirds of said proceeds that being their supposed interest in the negroes - that at the date of said sale 1835, the complainant Robertson Holt, & Wm J & Nicholas Holt were the only surviving children of Mary Holt - that in consequence of the death of Rebecca Foreman & her child Mary 7 years prior to the said sale sale & the death as aforesaid of the other children of Mary Holt, the three survivors aforesaid regarded themselves & were understood in the family as being together with the tenant for life solely interested in these negroes - that Henry Holt the hus-