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band of Charity Holt sold his life interest in them to Micajah Holt Senior, which life interest passed under the will of the latter to his widow & by her intermarriage with Alexander Faison to him who sold the same or surrendered it either to the said John Holt, or to him & the said Robertson Holt that under this belief of the said John & Robertson Holt & that of the other members of the family, that they the said John & Robertson were solely interested in the said negroes, the said with the knowledge of the other members of the family who it now seems are interested therein - that said sale was made at public auction after public advertisement without objection on the part of Alexander Faison & other members of the family all of whom knew of the same - that said negroes were given to the sale in the possession of said Alexander Faison & were surrendered to the said John Holt by him after the purchase by said John in 1834 of the interest of Nicholas Holt in said negroes - that said sale & distribution as a family arrangement made with their knowledge & by which the parties are concluded not only by their concurrence at the time, but by having acquiesced in the same for more than twenty years before the institution of this suit - that it would be grossly unjust to the legatees of said John Holt to disturb a settlement concurred in at the time by the parties & so long acquiesced in by them & upon such concurrence & acquiescence your respondent might safely rely for the protection of said legatees if said parties desired to disturb said settlement, but such your respondents are informed is not the wish of said parties that your respondents know nothing of their own knowledge of the order of the deaths of the respective children of Mary Holt as set forth & corrected in said amended bill, but they have no reason to doubt the correctness of the same - that even on the supposition that such allegations are correct, there is an error in the calculations of the amended bill as to the portions which on the death of Thomas passed to his surviving brothers & sisters of the whole & half blood, the former taking 2/15th & the latter 1/15th & not as stated in the bill respectively 1/204th & 2/204th - the annexed statement herewith filed shews how the property now subject to distribution should be divided, based on the allegations of the amended bill, without reference to the former distribution of the proceeds of sale of Tempe & children - Your respondents having answered pray hence to be dismissed with their costs in this behalf most unreasonably expended - Signed Richard P Holt Edwin White

Surry County to wit; J.T. W. Taylor a justice of the peace for the County aforesaid do certify that Edwin White & RP Holt whose names are signed to the foregoing answer, this day appeared before me in my county aforesaid & made oath to the truth of the statements of the foregoing answer to the best of their knowledge & belief - Given under my hand as justice of the peace this 10th day of May 1839 T.N. Taylor JP