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In Surry Circuit Court Robertson Holt Plt against Edwin White exor Jno Holt decd & others Dfts } In Chancery 1st It is proved by the Deposition of Robertson Holt taken before the Commissioner and herewith filed that the slave Tempe and her children in the proceedings of this suit mentioned were sold by John Holt in the year 1835. Tempe had five children - three boys and two girls - they sold together for the sum of $1455 which amount was distributed between John Holt (who claimed as purchaser of the interest of Wm J Holt & Nicholas Holt ) and said Robertson Holt. 1835 Ded 3t By Amt Sales of Tempe & children 1455.00

             " Int. thereon from date to 1 July 1854                                   1210.95
             To Wm J Holt pl & Int to date (paid J                       988.65
             " Ns Hotl       "       " to date (paid D)                         988.65
             " Robertson Holt Pl & INt to 1 July 5                         988.65
                                                                            total         $2965.95  2965.95

1835 403.65 Dec 31 By Amt Sales of Tempe & children 1455.00

            To Wm J Holt, paid to Jno Holt 1/3d                        585.00
              "  Ns Holt paid to Do              1/3d                         585.00
             "  Robertson Holt the Plt in this suit                         585.00
                                                                            total      $1455.00    1455.00

2nd It is proved by the Deposition of Alexander Faison taken before the Commission and herewith filed that Mary Holt died on the 13th May 1814. Patsy Harris formerly Patsy Holt, daughter of Mary Holt survived her mother and