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returning here Weds. morning. Have you ever read "The Nuito" by Musset? I've just finished reading these poems and I think they are wonderful. I've asked Mde Cloche to get me a complete copy of his poems at Paris, and we'll read them together if I ever get back. Preparations are under way for the invasion of Germany in case they refuse to sign. The lines are being advanced & I understand that the French army has cancelled all furloughs, every man having been ordered to his post. All of our own men now in Germany will remain there until the peace is signed. Am enclosing a letter just rec'dfrom Anabel. She has reached the age of enthusiasm when everything looks bright and rosy. What a pity that one cannot enjoy this all thru life.. Que penses-tu de ceci?:- "Quand j'ai traverse la vallee, Un [illegible] chantait sur, son nid Ses petits, sa chere couvee, Vermaient de mourir dans la nuit. Copendant il chantait l'aurore; O ma muse! Ne fleurey pas: A qui perd tout, dieu reste encore, Dieu la-haut, l'esoir ici-bas." Au revoir ma cherie. D.