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Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force

To all members of the allied expeditionary force: The task which we set ourselves is finished, and the time has come for me to relinquish Combined Command. In the name of the United States and the British Commonwealth, from whom my authority is derived, I should like to convey to you the gratitude and admiration of our two nations for the manner in which you have responded to every demand that has been made upon you. At times, conditions have been hard and the tasks to be performed arduous. No praise is too high for the manner in which you have surmounted every obstacle. I should like, also, to add my own personal word of thanks to each one of you for the part you have played, and the contribution you have made to our joint victory. Now that you are about to pass to other spheres of activity, I say Good-bye to you and wish you Good Luck and God-Speed. Dwight Eisenhower