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The answer of Richd. Read and Jane his wife, Thomas H Bradford, & Elizabeth, Caleb, Anna Maria, Nathaniel and Severn Bradford, by Thomas H. Bradford their guardian appointed to defend this suit to the Bill of complaint of Chs. Stockley Exr of Levin Walker decsd.

[These?] respondents saving to themselves all manner of Benefit of exception to the said Bill, for answer thereto or to so much thereof as the Respondents are advised is material or necessary for them to answer unto, answering say; that these respondents cannot deny that the said Nathaniel Bradford did execute the Bond or obligation in the Bill mentioned, but whether the said Nathaniel Bradford, in his life-time or Levin Joynes Executor of said Nathl. Bradford since the death of said Nathaniel, hath paid and satisfied the amount of the sum of money in the condition of said obligation expressed with the Interest due thereon, or not, these Respondents are not informed, or able to say; they do, however, conceive it probable, as they presume amply sufficient of the estate of Nathl. Bradford, to pay and satisfy said obligation came to hands of said Levin Joynes, that the said Levin Joynes hath paid whatsoever sum of money was due on said obligation: the Respondents have not yet seen an audit and settlement of the estate of said Nathl. Bradford, but expect in course of a trial to be had between these Respondents and the representatives of said Levin Joynes, to have a view