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a view of the af. said audit and settlement, and to ascertain how far the said Levin Joynes, hat paid and satisfied the af. said obligation, as well as in what manner the said Levin Joynes hath managed the estate of said Nathl. Brad-ford, and thereby enable the court to decide how far these respondents are liable to satisfy the af. said obligation or any part thereof.

these respondents have recd. from the said Nathl. Bradfords' Estate, no other part of his personal property save only the following slaves to with Moses, [Anous?], Will, Leah, Gatty, ^Peter, Candice, Isaac, George, and Bridget, all of whom except Moses, have sued for, or claim their Freedom, part of these slaves to wit, Gatty & Peter are held in Dover by the Respondents Richd. Read & Wife; the possession of the foregoing slaves hath been already acknowledged by these respondents, in their answers to the Bill of Complaint, of the representatures of said :evin Joynes, in which Bill there is claimed of these Respondents a considerable sum of money, as due to said Levin Joynes's representatives for so much, said to have been overpaid by said Levin Joynes in course of his administration on the estate of said Nathl. Bradford, the justice or injustice of which claim these respondents are unable to decide on, previous to a decision of the said suit in Chancery by Levin Joyner's admn against them. These respondents cannot therefore conceive it proper, that this court should give a decree in this present suit, before they pass their decree in the said suit in Chancery by Levin Joyner's admn, or before the decision of the suits now pending for the trial of the claim to Freedom by the slaves af.said without that that lc.

all which matters and the respondents pray to be hence dismissed with their costs in their behalf most wrongfully sustained ____.

______ for respondents.

Nathl. H. Bradford makes oath that the facts in this answer contained are true so far as he knows or believes given under my hand this 1st day of Sept anno domini 1809

John Shephard _____