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To the worshipfull the justices of Accomack County in Chancery Humbly complaining showeth unto your worships your Orator Levin Walker.

That a certain Nathaniel Bradford formerly of this county, sometime since [deed?], being in his life, to wit, upon the 1st day of June 1784 indebted unto your Orator in the sum of Twenty Five Pounds current money of Virginia, upon the day and year [afro?] at the county [afro?], then these executed his certain obligations to your Orator in the sum of [pound sign] 50 conditioned for the payment of the P. twenty five pounds on demand with legal interest therein as by the P. obligation hereto amended and payed to be taken as part of this bill will more fully appear. That the P. Nathl. Bradford departs this life in the year 178_ having in no wise paid or discharged the P. debt or any part thereof. That the P. Nathl. Bradford before his death had duly made published his last will and testament in writing which has been since proven & admitted to record in this court whereby he appointed a certain Levin Joyner his executor who qualified as the law requires under his P. appointment and took upon himself the burden of the execution thereof. - That after the qualification of the P. Levin Joyner as afore your Orator informed him of the P. demand agt. his Debtor, who at two [several?] times, to wit, the 10th day of July 1785 and the _____ day of ______ 17_____ paid to your Orator the sum of [pound sign] 7.5.0 & [pound sign] 5 as by credits on the P. bond will appear, and which is all your Orator has ever recd. of his P. debt.

And your Orator also shows unto your lordships that in the lifetime of the P. Levin Joyner [illegible] Orator had several transactions & dealings with the P. Levin Joyner in which he became indebted unto the P. Levin Joyner & always expected that upon an adjustment of the accounts between them P. Joyner & your Orator that the balance due your Orator on the afore bond from the P. Nathl. Bradford would be put to the credit of your Orator. - This expectation, with an [assurance?] from the P. Joyner that the estate of P. Nathl. Bradford was adequate to the payment of its debts made your Orator easy and therefore no suit was instituted in the life-time of P. Levin Joyner by your Orator agt. him to recover the P. balance of P. Debt.

But now so it is may it please your lordships that the P. Levin Joyner having departed this life upon the ____ day of ______ 1794 before any settlement or adjustment of the accounts between him and your Orator was [illegible], and since his death his admm. alledging that the P. Levin Joyner had not retained any money in his hands of the estate of P. Nathl. Bradford wherewith to pay