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and satisfy your Orator P. demand, but on the contrary that the P. Levin Joyner was already in advance for the estate of his P. testator the P. Nathl. Bradford have refused to discount the same with your Orator. - and your Orator is advised that, as no person has taken administration [illegible] will [annexed?] of the P. Nathl. Bradford unadministered by the P. Levin Joyner, there is no person agt. whom he can commence and maintain his action as law to recover the balance of his P. debt, nor has he any other remedy save only to follow certain slaves, which he has been advised are liable in equity to the payment of his demand, and which are now in the hands of a certain Richard Read, who intermarried with Jane, the widow of P. Nathl. Bradford, & Thomas H, Elizabeth, Caleb, Anne Maria, Nathl. and Severn Bradford children of the P. Nathaniel Bradford. To the end therefore that the P. R Read & Jane his wife, Thomas H, Elizabeth, Caleb, Anne Maria, Nathaniel, & Severn Bradford may be made defendants hereto and may on oath be compelled true distinct and perfect answer to make to all and [singular?] the [principles?] afro, and that your Orator may be [illegible] according to equity and good conscience may it please your lordships to grant to your Orator the Com.wealth wit of [illegible] to the P. Read & wife, Thomas H, Elizt. Caleb, Anne Maria, Nathl. & Severn Bradford to be directed commanding them [illegible].

Wise for Complt.