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To the worshipful the _of Accomack county in Chancery. Humbly complaining showeth unto your lordships your Orator Charles Stockly Exertc of Levin Walker deed.

That your Orator P. Testator in his lifetime to wit upon the _____ day of ______ 179___ had commenced a suit in Chancery against a certain Richard Read & Jane his wife, Thomas H, Elizabeth, Caleb, Anna Maria, Nathaniel and Severn Bradford, which P. Jane was formerly the widow, and the P. Hs H., Eliza., Caleb, Anne Maria, Nathl. & Severn are the children of a certain Nathaniel Bradford died, for the purpose of recovering a sum of money due to him from the P. Nathaniel Bradford died on a bond duly executed by P. Nathl. Bradford in his lifetime to your Orators P. _______& which is hereto annexed. That soon after the commencement of the P. suit and before the debts afore thereto had ____ in any answer to the bill filed therein against them, the P. Levin Walker departed this life, having first duly made his last will & which since his death has been proven in this court & admitted to record & thereof appointed your Orator his Exec. who has qualified & taken upon himself the execution thereof. That your Orator, since the death of his P. testates, hath applied to the P. Richd. Read & Jane his wife, The: H, Eliza., Caleb, Anna Maria, Nathl., & Severn Bradford ard requested them to pay to him in right of his P. Testator the money due on P. bond, for the reasons stated in the bill of the P. Levin Walker so filed agt. them in his lifetime as afore, and your Orator had hoped that they wd. have paid the same without any further trouble or ____ as in Justice they ought to have done

But so it is may it please your lordships that they