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altogether refused to pay the same or any part thereof, or to make any satisfaction whatsoever for the P. debt, - Which is contrary to equity and good conscience. In tender consideration whereof and for as much as your Orator [illegible] I have complied justice done to his P. testators estate, touching the premisses save only in a court of Chancery who have power to service the P. suit agt. the P. Debts and proceed to a hearing and final decree therein according to the principles of equity; may it please your worships to order and direct the P. suit to stand [revived?], and compell the debts upon their respective oaths to make answer to the bill so filed agt. them by the P. Levin Walker in his lifetime, and that your Orator, in right of his P. testator, may be relieved according to equity & [illegible] may it please your worships to grant the com.wealth writ of [sps?] to the P. debts to be directed commanding them that as a certain day & under a certain [illegible] therein to be limited & [illegible] they be & appear before your worships to make ansr. to the P bill [illegible]:

Wise For Compl.

S. Walker Ex vs Rd. Read & [illegible]

Bill (Former Bill & Bond Included) JW